WhatsApp BIG update: New feature will let users to send original, high-quality photos on platform | Technology News

New Delhi: WhatsApp is a popular communication tool in the world with Indian users consist of over 400 million. However, users face problem when sending photos on the platform as it degrades the quality. Hence, they resort to other apps to send high-quality and original photos. But according to some reports, WhatsApp is working on an ability to send photos to each other on the platform in high-quality and original format.

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Users will send original quality photos

According to a report by Wabetainfo, WhatsApp has allowed some selected users in the latest beta Android update to choose the quality of the photos before sending them on the platform. This feature will allow users to send photos in high resolution or original quality.

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Now, in a recent beta version, WhatsApp has a Settings button on the top, tapping which will allow you to select the Photo quality. The feature will then let you send original-quality photos.

The new feature will also make WhatsApp compete with Telegram since it has several other useful features.

It is unclear when WhatsApp will bring the feature to the public. However, since it was spotted in the beta version expect it to arrive in a few months.

Users soon can send Voice status

WhatsApp is also working to provide an ability to users to share voice notes via status updates. Initially, the ability will be only given to beta testers who will update their apps. But later, it will launch to all users globally.

According to the report, the feature will allow users to tap on microphone icon to record their status and then put it on the status bar. It will be similar to normal text or image status.

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