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This week, you’ll be in a great place in terms of your relationships. It’s time to look at things from a new perspective and make some positive adjustments. You may find yourself better able to handle challenges and take risks when it comes to relationships and career. You will be swift in accomplishing your tasks. Be confident in your decisions and let go of what no longer serves you. Avoid arguments with colleagues.  


This week, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of people asking for your time and attention. Find a balance between socialising and having time to reflect and recharge your energy. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn new things. Professionally, you may feel more inspired to try something new and take risks. You will have the drive and determination to work to get the job done and succeed.


You should take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Take some time to reconnect with your inner self and explore your spiritual side. This helps to ground and centre you. You will know what you want and how to get it at work, so don’t be afraid to take the initiative; you will be rewarded for it. This is a great time to focus on building new relationships and expanding your network. You will receive professional guidance from someone influential.


You will find comfort and security in your relationship and be passionate and romantic towards your partner. You will be more than happy to do whatever it takes to ensure your partner is happy. It is a great week to start a new project or take a risk. Consider what you could do to further your career goals and take action. Leverage your talents in new and innovative ways. It is a favourable week for those looking for a job.


Follow your heart and passion. Look for ways to gain new skills or gain additional training. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice from your peers and colleagues. You can make great progress this week with hard work and determination. You will feel more connected to your friends and family and put in extra effort to strengthen your bonds. Formalisation of marriage Orr engagement is on the cards for some of you.


This week, you will be more open to expressing your feelings and engaging in sweet and romantic gestures with your partner. You will be extra sensitive to your partner’s needs and eager to go the extra mile to make them feel special. However, you may feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities and tasks you have to juggle. Stay focused on your tasks and goals despite distractions. Take some time to prioritise and delegate where you can.


This week will bring you closer to the people you care about. This is an excellent time to open up and share your feelings with your partner or a close friend. Take the time to nurture your connections with your partner and see what happens! However, you may need help to accomplish your goals and progress because of added responsibilities. You may have to fill in for someone at work. Take a close look at your spending habits and consider ways to make more conscious decisions.


This week, Scorpio, you may find yourself feeling particularly passionate and motivated. This is a great time to channel your energy into something creative, such as a new project or hobby. The stars align in your favour, opening up new opportunities for you. However, your love life may feel stuck and stagnant. You may feel more emotionally vulnerable than usual, but don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith and trust someone with your feelings.


Your relationships with your friends and family will be warm and cordial. You may be more open to trying something new or going on an adventure with your loved ones. It’s a great time to strengthen your bond, and you could find some unexpected romance. At work, you may be overwhelmed by the stress of your current responsibilities or uncertain about the path you should take. Talk to a trusted friend or colleague, and think about what you want out of your career.


This week, it’s time to create a strong connection with your loved ones. Small acts of kindness and compassion will go a long way and strengthen your relationship with your partner. At work, your outlook will be optimistic, and you will have the courage to take some risks. Don’t fear stepping outside your routine and exploring something new. The reward could be worth it.


Spend quality time with your partner and family and show them how much you care. Don’t be afraid to open up and share your feelings with them, as this will help you to create a deeper connection and understanding with the people around you. However, you must put extra effort into your job or be ready to take on a new challenge. If you have been considering a new job or a promotion, now is not a great time, and you may have to wait for some time.


This week, it’s time for you to pull out all the stops. You have a great opportunity to show your talents and skills to your colleagues, and you should take full advantage of it. Your hardworking will be noticed and appreciated by your peers and superiors. The result could be a significant boost to your career prospects. However, your relationships may take a backseat this week as you focus more on yourself. This can be a great time to assess where things are and make sure you’re on the same page as your partner. 

(These Tarot Card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is a Delhi–based, intuitive Tarot Practitioner & Consultant)


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