Viral: Taiwanese Group’s Power-Packed Performance on Kala Chashma at Wedding Leaves Internet Spellbound, Watch Video | Buzz News

NEW DELHI: Its seems like the ‘Kala Chasma’ trend has refused to die down. From social media influencers to celebrities, we have seen multiple reels on the famous Bollywood chartbuster. The viral Hindi track has not just touched heart of people in India but also overseas. Now, a Taiwanese dance group has grabbed attention after they performed at a wedding and performing the viral hook step on ‘Kala Chasma’. 

The video begins with a group of men, wearing mostly white apparel and black shades, begin their performance with Instagram’s signature ‘Kala Chashma’ step. As they groove to the tune, they are joined by a woman in a bull glittery gown. The group’s power-packed performance grabs eyeballs at the wedding halls. The guests were seen cheering for the team and recorded their dance performance on their cell phones. 

The clip was originally posted on Instagram in October 2022 and reshared in January 2023. So far, the video has accumulated more than 438,000 likes and over two million views. 

Soon after the video was re-shared, netizens were more than thrilled to see the Taiwanese group shaking their legs to the viral track. One of the users wrote, “They don’t even understand the language but they are enjoying.”

Another user wrote, “Now every wedding around the world is incomplete without Punjabi music.”

“Bollywood songs on any functions,” wrote another one. 

“I love this generation. Nowadays, music is literally breaking all types of stereotypes and language barriers. This is amazing,” read another comment. 

Previously, the Norwegian dance crew ‘Quick Style’ had left viewers mesmerised with their electrifying performance on ‘Kala Chashma’ routine. 

Their energetic choreography and amazing coordination had left the netizens stunned.

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