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Valentine’s Day 2023: Valentine’s Day, which is eagerly awaited by lovers worldwide, is fast approaching. Every couple is looking forward to this day since it offers them the chance to formally confess their love to their partner. Every year, Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14th, is preceded by Valentine’s Week. 

Valentine’s Week 2023 starts on February 7 and lasts until February 14. This period is also known as love week or romance week. The schedule for Valentine’s Week begins on Wednesday, February 7, with Rose Day. Here is the whole schedule for Valentine’s Week 2023.

Valentine Week Days List 2023

Valentine’s Day is the final day of the seven-day celebration, which also includes Rose Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day, Promise Day, Chocolate Day, Kiss Day, and Valentine’s Day itself. A complete list of the days in Valentine’s Week is provided below.

ROSE DAY– You can go up to your crush and express your feelings for them in person on this day. You propose to your loved one on this day.

PROPOSE DAY– on this day you can approach your crush and tell them what you feel for them directly. You propose to your loved one.

CHOCOLATE DAY– Giving chocolate to your loved ones on this day will help spread happiness.

TEDDY DAY– The most adorable present to gift your loved one is a teddy.

PROMISE DAY– The ability to create and maintain promises is easy. While making promises is wonderful, we should be skilled at showing our loved ones that we care about them rather than making promises.

HUG DAY– By hugging your loved ones, you can express your joy about this.

KISS DAY– The sweetest way to convey love is through a kiss. It is the sixth day of the list of days of Valentine’s Week. The best method to express love is with a kiss, yet there are many other ways as well.

VALENTINE’S DAY– Valentine’s Day is the last but certainly not the least. Spend the entire day with your loved one to show them how much you care. Send gifts, such as chocolates and roses, to show your affection. Send them loving wishes, photographs, and words.

So, as we have given you the complete list of days, be ready to celebrate this love week or the romantic week of February with your sweetheart. This romantic week is followed by the anti-valentine week, so the story is far from over.

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