Two Boys Detained for Throwing Bottles at Singer Kailash Kher on Stage | People News

New Delhi: The three-day Hampi Utsav has been organised at the World Heritage site Hampi to commemorate the glory of the Vijayanagara Empire that lasted for two centuries. The Hampi Utsav began on January 27 and popular singer Kailash Kher performed there. Two boys demanded the singer to sing Kannada songs, later threw water bottles at him.

The Karnataka Police have taken the two youths from the audience gallery into custody for throwing bottles at Kailash Kher. The police are yet to give details of the detained persons.

They stated that the incident took place during the musical program at the historical Hampi Utsav on Sunday evening. The youths were demanding Kannada songs from the beginning of the program and threw bottles on the stage when their demands were not met.

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