Stay strong champ: Shalin’s public display of his anxiety made him fan’s favorite ‘Bigg Boss 16’ contestant overnight! | Television News

New Delhi: When Bigg Boss 16 was announced, they said that this year is going to be different than the rest & they made sure it was. From lesser physical tasks to more mental challenges, to give contestants enough hints on their game, Bigg Boss really did up their game, resulting in making this season the most successful of all time. 

Last night was a night that will be etched in the history of Bigg Boss and will be used as an example over and over again as Shalin did something, we’ve never seen on national television before, let alone a man doing it. 

While the loyal audience of the show is applauding Shalin for being able to hold their attention for one hour straight & practically make up for an entire episode, his fans loved his guts for baring his heart out for everyone to read. 

It is 2023 in India & we still live in a society where we like to spread awareness about mental health but more often than not, do not talk about it while personally experiencing it. In a country where we are still trying to normalize men crying or showing their emotional side, Shalin Bhanot broke down in front of Bigg Boss in last night’s episode & spent a considerable amount of time. 





At first, we thought, what was he doing, what was happening, he was sometimes talking gibberish & sometimes didn’t make sense, an example of an ongoing anxiety attack. He even openly shared that he could not comprehend the thoughts running in his mind & spoke about hearing voices that haunted him. He was earlier not receptive to the idea of talking to a psychiatrist but he came around & agreed & even cracked some jokes with Bigg Boss towards the end. It takes some real guts for a public figure to put himself out there so vulnerable & by doing so Shalin has set quite an example, which may be instrumental in changing the narrative of how Indian television is perceived. 

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