‘Shalin was the Funniest…’: Gauahar Khan on Loving Bigg Boss 16 Contestant’s Funny Side | Television News

New Delhi: Bigg Boss has reached its final leg and we are 2 weeks away from the finale. Tina Datta’s eviction brought a breath of fresh air to the show. The actress was guilty of bullying Shalin for his mental illness all of last week making the usually chirpy Shalin very upset and retracted from the show. 

Though Shalin has been a one-man show & never had any support from his inmates throughout the season, he has been spending more time with Shiv and Stan with only 7 people remaining in the house. Netizens are loving their newfound camaraderie & loving candid conversations. 

After doing a fake seance and pranking Shiv and Stan, Shalin has been spending time conversing with the cameras and the audience has taken to liking this side too. He’s been entertaining the audience with his funny stories as he narrates them to Shiv & Stan who can’t stop laughing. 

Last night’s episode saw a serious task that involved trying to win back a ticket to the finale from Nimrit. Bigg Boss brought in a new twist and contestants were made responsible for a fellow housemate, whether to keep them in the competition or eliminate their chances to win the ticket. Sumbul was responsible for Shalin. Instead of scheming, Shalin requested Sumbul, she let him be the captain but to no avail. The actor didn’t pick up a fight but he very sweetly spoke to the cameras. He was even seen narrating yet another story to Shiv & Stan who interrupted him multiple times and the entire scene was pretty funny. 

Ex-Bigg Boss winner Gauahar Khan, too like many of us enjoyed Shalin’s antics and tweeted, ‘Shalin was the funniest today! Hehehehehe Band bajj gayi hai uski!’ 

Well, we couldn’t agree more!

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