Shaima Hormillosa Talks About the Primacy of Maintaining a Work-Life Balance | Culture News

New Delhi: Do you carry your work stress at home and your personal life in the office? Well, stop right there! We know about the struggle that goes on behind balancing the two lives, and it’s a tough task. However, Shaima Hormillosa considers it to be the most important thing. She is one of Dubai’s leading fashion influencers and has amassed millions of followers through her amazing content. 


She is very active on social media platforms and constantly posts pictures and videos on them, especially on Instagram. But apart from her illuminating work life on social media, Shaima Hormillosa also leads her personal life, which includes her role as a mother and a homemaker. 


While talking about managing both facets of her life, the influencer says, “You cannot row two boats together. If you wish to live a mentally and physically healthy life, then you must keep the two lives separate. Bringing your work stress home and visa versa will disturb the entire atmosphere of each. Thus, I prefer to drop my work problems before I enter the threshold of my house.” 


Shaima Hormillosa believes that maintaining the balance between work and personal life is an art. She says, “In this day and age, we have become so engrossed in our work lives that we are stuck in them forever. But we should also consider taking a break from our work lives and going on vacation with our families. This is not just to strengthen your bond with your family but also with yourself.”


The Dubai-based beauty is a working mother of one kid and often posts pictures with him. She believes that a human is equally capable of doing both jobs (work and personal) very effectively and with equal importance.


It was in 2017 when Shaima Hormillosa entered the world of content creation and has worked with brands like Glimpse_Luxury, Aster, Olay, MOTF, Shein, Luvlette, Zyan & Myza, IKON, Mamaearth, GK Hair, Raffaello, Urban Company, Just Life UAE, Power Gummies, and many more. She is also an ACE-certified personal trainer and holds an Exercise Therapy Certificate from ISSA. She also founded an Abu Dhabi based company, ‘Glamourosa Haute Couture’ in 2014.

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