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New Delhi: By now, everyone is aware that ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, can write anything—including essays, emails, plays, and poetry—and can do it in a variety of tones and styles based on the commands you give it. It turns out that it can pass tests as well, but with significant drawbacks. The performance of the chatbot in an MBA exam was recently assessed by a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the top business institutions in the world.

Christian Terwiesch questioned ChatGPT about operations management, a crucial MBA topic. He discovered this, which he noted in a research article. Initially, he found that ChatGPT was “wonderful” at answering queries about fundamental operations management and process analysis, even those that were based on case studies. (Also Read: ‘Got laid off for the 3rd time in 4 months’: IT employee writes heart-rending post after being fired from Google)

Terwiesch observed that ChatGPT not only provided “great” explanations but also accurately answered the questions. Modifying its responses depending on human indications is another one of ChatGPT’s strong points. (Also Read: IT layoffs 2023: Around 3000 employees are being fired every day in January by tech giants)

According to Terwiesch’s work, “Chat GPT3 was able to fix itself after getting acceptable advice from a human expert in the cases when it originally failed to match the problem with the right solution approach.” The chatbot, however, also had several shortcomings. Terwiesch observed that ChatGPT occasionally produced “surprising” errors in school-level math. “These errors can be of enormous size,” the professor continued.

Additionally, he continued, ChatGPT is unable to address more difficult inquiries about process analysis. The lecturer stated that the chatbot would have received a B to B- grade based on how it performed on the test. When discussing ChatGPT’s potential effects, Terwiesch suggested that they might be comparable to the effects of electronic calculators in the workplace.

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