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Jaya Ekadashi 2023: The Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Magh month is called Jaya Ekadashi and today is 1st February, Wednesday, Jaya Ekadashi fast. The importance of this Ekadashi fast has been told in the Vishnu Purana that the person who fasts on this day never gets the form of a ghost. By observing this fast, the worshiper gets the fruits equivalent to the Agnishtom Yagya. The fasting people must do the fasting story of Jaya Ekadashi on this day.

Jaya Ekadashi 2023: Vrat Katha

Lord Krishna told Maharaj Yudhishthira about the story behind Jaya Ekadashi and said that one time, Apsaras were dancing in Lord Indra’s assembly. The famous Gandharva Pushpavant, his daughter Pushpavati and Chitrasen’s wife Malini and her son Malyavan were also present in the assembly. At that time Pushpavati was fascinated by seeing Mallyawan and the sense of ‘kaam’ or sexual desires were awakened in her mind. She attracted Mallyawan with her looks, beauty and gestures. Due to the unique form of Pushpavati, Mallyawan also became intoxicated sexually attracted. Both of them indulged in sexual activities after getting lustful. 

To separate them, King Indra called both of them and ordered them to dance. After listening to Indra’s order, both of them started dancing but due to being lustful, they were not able to dance properly. Indra understood everything and got angry and cursed both of them that both of you go to the land of death in the form of male and female and take the form of vampire and bear the fruits of your deeds.

Due to the curse of Indra, both of them started living their lives sadly on the Himalayas as ‘pishaach’ or vampires. Both could not sleep the whole night. One day the male ghost said to his wife, “don’t know what sins we have committed in our previous birth, due to which we have got such a painful life. 

Then one day suddenly both of them met Devarshi Narad. Devarshi asked them the reason for their sorrow, then the ghost narrated all the things as it were, due to which the ghost-life form was attained. Then Narad ji told him the complete rules and regulations of Jaya Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Magh month and asked him to do it. With the advice of Narad, both of them observed Jaya Ekadashi fast with complete rituals and spent the whole night awake remembering Lord Narayan. 

As soon as the second day dawned, by the grace of Lord Vishnu, his ghostly body was left and both of them reached Indra Lok after getting their previous body again. After going there, both of them bowed down to Indra, then Indra was also surprised to see them in their former form and asked how did you get rid of your ghostly life form. Then both of them told him the whole story.

Jaya Ekadashi 2023: Do’s and Dont’s

– Read or listen to Lord Vishnu’s katha.

– Wear yellow clothes on this Ekadashi.

– Do charity, donate food and clothes to the needy.

– Do not get into fights or brawls, be polite.

– Do not consumenon-vegetarian food, onion, garlic, rice and alcohol.

– Avoid plucking flowers on this day.

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