Google Doodle today: Interactive doodle by Google celebrating the joys of bubble tea; make your own ‘digital bubble tea’ | Culture News

Google doodle: You must have seen these bubbly drinks in one of those K-dramas and wondered how should you make one. Well, Google has just the solution for you through an adorable and whimsical animation of Bubble tea. This Taiwanese drink gained popularity during the pandemic but has an exploded fanbase across the world over the last decade.

The ancient tea culture of Taiwan, which dates back to the 17th century, is where the origins of bubble tea can be found. However, bubble tea as we know it now didn’t exist until the 1980s. Creativity on the original bubble tea has continued over the past few decades as waves of Taiwanese immigrants have exported this beverage internationally. New tastes, additives, and blends are still being tested every day in stores all over the world.

In this interactive doodle, Google has added a fun game where you can make your own ‘digital bubble tea’ in a few simple clicks. All you have to do is press and hold on to the ingredient- milk, boba balls and syrup and DIY your own colourful ‘digital’ bubba tea.

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese tea-based beverage also known as milk tea, pearl tea, tapioca tea, boba tea, boba nai cha, foam milk tea, and a number of other names.

Although Boba is frequently confused with bubble tea, it is actually the little black balls that settle to the bottom of your beverage. Tapioca flour that has partially boiled is used to make boba pearls.

What is Bubble Tea made of?

1. Tea: Robust black tea

2. Milk: soy milk, almond milk, oat milk,  whole milk or half-and-half

3. Sweetener: Sugar or sweetened condensed milk.

4. Ice

5. Tapioca Pearls (or boba) 

No matter the flavour—honeydew, matcha, raspberry, mocha—don’t forget to add some bubbly balls made of fruit jelly or tapioca. So tangy and fruity or sweet and milky? The combinations are literally endless!

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