FACT CHECK: Apple iPhone 14 Pro for Rs 6,499? Here’s truth | Technology News

New Delhi: The hefty price tag of Apple’s brand-new iPhone 14 Pro has contributed to its status aspirational status in our nation. The 1 TB storage option has an eye-watering price tag of Rs 1,79,990, while the range’s entry-level 128GB model is priced at Rs 1,29,990. The desire for the newest iPhones, especially the PRO models, is well-known to con artists. The most recent iPhone 14 Pro 1 TB model is being offered by this brand-new website, “Moltox.in,” for just Rs. 6,499 when the promo code “Sale5” is used.

Two clear warning signs are that this website does not offer Cash on Delivery (CoD) and that the pricing they quoted for the iPhone 14 Pro 1TB model is inaccurate. Despite the fact that the website lists the 1TB iPhone 14 Pro’s retail price as Rs. 1,29,900, the actual amount is Rs. 1,79,990. Grammar and math mistakes are common among scammers. (Also Read: PRICE DROP ALERT! iPhone 12 cost reduced from Rs 59,900 to Rs 34,999; Check Flipkart and Amazon discount offers)

The base edition of the iPhone 14 Pro, which has 128GB of storage, costs Rs. 1,29,990. Given that Apple is renowned for never lowering the price of its products, a 90 percent discount on this 4-month-old flagship handset is incredibly kind. (Also Read: ‘Got laid off for the 3rd time in 4 months’: IT employee writes heart-rending post after being fired from Google)

Other bestselling items are also available on the internet. The 90% coupon codes are valid for the majority of the products because it’s just a fraud, including the Macbook Pro 16, AirPods MAX, and more. If you look closely, all of the equipment specifications are off, which is typical of con artists.

Even the pricing for the iPad Pro and iPhone 14 Pro on the grey market are approaching those seen in Apple stores. This demonstrates that due to COVID upheaval in China, Apple is having problems meeting the demand for the Pro models. Even the iPhone 14 Pro knockoff from China that runs an iOS veneer over Android can set you back more than Rs 6,500.


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