Question 6

Which of the following devices use computers as control systems for functioning? [A] Industrial Robots [B] Remote Controls [C] All of the above Correct answer:- [C] All of the above

Question 5

Which among the following is the correct order in which popular company Apple released them?  [A] Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone [B] Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad [C] Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad Correct answer:-C [Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad]

Question 4

Which of the following are related to finding information from the RAM?  [A]Memory Buffer Register [B]Memory Data Register [C] All of the above Correct answer:-[C] All of the above

Question 3

Which of the following comprise the software components of a computer?  [A]Programs [B]Memory [C]BIOS Correct answer:-[A]Programs

Question 2

What would be the number of bytes, transferred at the rate of 1 Kilobit per second?  [A]140 [B]100 [C]125 Correct answer:-[B] 100

Question 1

 1.Which of the following transforms input data into output data? [1]Peripherals [2]CPU [3]ROM Correct answer:-[2] Cpu

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