YouTube Ads for Beginners: How to Launch & Optimize a YouTube Video Advertising Campaign

The now infamous line “you all have phones, right” has grown out of its initial intent of defending a beloved game franchise being adapted to mobile and can now safely be applied to marketing strategies across the board. Because, yes indeed, we all do have phones, and have, for the past decade, been using them … Read more

Email Marketing for Nonprofits: An Essential Guide

Employees of nonprofit organizations are usually busy with a lot of tasks and can’t really focus on creating advanced marketing campaigns. Another thing is budget, a nonprofit organization usually doesn’t have a huge budget that can be dedicated to promoting the idea. That is why email marketing is a common and effective way to promote … Read more

Aggregate and Show Reviews as Stars on Google

Reviews are a super important thing when deciding on something. For the past few years especially, whenever we are facing a choice like what restaurant to eat, where to get our nails done, or even which tool to buy online. People value other people’s reviews so much, that it can even change their initial choice. … Read more

Organize Content Ideas and AI-Generated Keywords on Digital Whiteboards

Often, things don’t get done due to the lack of organization in a person. You do not want mistakes like that happening when it comes to your business. Especially, in this case, the smallest mistake gets made, and it costs you tons of money, effort, and time. It is not all fun and games, maintaining … Read more