Bigg Boss 16 Day 112 written updates: Astrologer predicts housemates’ future, Shalin Bhanot wants Tina Datta out of house | Television News

NEW DELHI: The episode starts with housemates singing Bigg Boss anthem. Shalin Bhanot climbs at Bigg Boss’s elevated space and looks outside. Sumbul asks him how does it look outside and Shalin explains the surrounding scenes to her. Soundarya asks him if there are any birds around and he says that there are eagles and sparrows. 

Soundarya tells Shalin that Shiv Thakare has too much negativity filled in him. He replies that the entire ‘mandali’ is extremely insecure. Shailn asks Nimrit why Shiv no longer talks to him and she replies that she did not have any conversation with Shiv regarding this. Shalin tells Nimrit that Tina has always instigated him to nominate her and Sumbul. He said that he and Tina have some common connections and that is why he always listened to her bullshit. He adds that either he or Tina should be evicted from the house this week as he can no longer stand her. 

Nimrit speaks to Soundarya about Shalin and says that she don’t like talking to him because he has said too many bad things about her in the past. Nimrit adds that he doesn’t even trust Shalin any more. 

Shalin walks to Sumbul and tells her that she can talk to him if she ever feels lonely. Shalin said that I also don’t have anyone with whom I can talk. Shalin and Archana are feeling lonely. Archana burst into tears as no one gave her a packet of milk.

Bigg Boss calls all contestants into the garden area, and welcomes noted astrologer Saurish Sharma in the house. Saurish starts the session with Shalin and reveals few things about him. He says that Shalin has been more attracted towards the opposite sex, and also mocks him related to Tina.

Saurish told Tina that her attitude is the problem in her life. He advised her to be care free and that is the key to her success. Saurish told Tina that she is too much talented and can turn a forest into a palace.

Saurish predicts Sumbul’s future and asks her to stay calm. He says that she had lots of personal problems and has struggled a lot in her life. He told her that she should rethink about her relationship with her mother and that will help her to get away with mental issues. She says he is right when he predicts her hard past.   

Saurish told Archana that every fourth year is favourable for her. He told her that she will get a lot of money and success till 2026. Saurish gave Archana examples of some incidents that turned out to be true. He told her to think before saying anything. He also gives her tips about her love life. 

Saurish told Priyanka that since she is a Leo, she connects with people as per her convenience. He told Priyanka that her and Ankit’s relationship doesn’t have a good future. 

Saurish told Nimrit that she should be a little selfish in her life. He told her that she will be successful if she works on certain things.

Saurish told Stan that he should take criticism positively. 

Saurish told Soundarya that her relationship with Gautam was only one sided. He said that the relationship was only pure from her end and there is nothing from Gautam’s side.

Shalin gets restless and requests Bigg Boss to call him to the confession room. Bigg Boss calls him and Shalin asks him if the room is sound proof or not. Bigg Boss said that yes this is a sound proof room, after which Shalin expresses that he has started to lose his shit and has been getting depressed. He requests Bigg Boss to not telecast their conversation but the latter doesn’t agree to his demand. 

Shalin hints that he wants to take voluntary exit from the show as he has been lonely inside the house lately. He also expresses that following his fallout with Priyanka, her laugh has been irking him.

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