International Day of Friendship 2022: When is Friendship Day Celebrated in India?


 While International Friendship Day is seen on July 30 every year, in India this day is seen on the primary Sunday of August. This year, the principal Sunday will fall on August 7.

Happy friendship day
Happy friendship day 


Friendship is perhaps of the most lovely bond. Be it sharing joy or miserable minutes throughout everyday life, we want our companions around. Indeed, even in the midst of hardship, the principal individual we consider is a companion. Regardless of how effective we become, a companion is somebody who keeps us grounded. To praise this delightful security, consistently, we observe International Friendship Day. While it is seen on July 30 every year, in India this day is seen on the main Sunday of August. This year, the main Sunday will fall on August 7. 

The day is supposed to be an extremely unique one as it is simply committed to the relationship which isn't given to us by blood however is picked by affection. In each phase of life, as we move places, we generally search for that one individual who matches a similar energy. While we continue to add new companions to our rundown, we don't lose the old ones and that is the excellence of fellowship.

On Friendship Day, companions attach wristbands to one another to value the bond for eternity. Some even trade gifts and cards to make this day significantly more unique and noteworthy.


Companionship Day has a long history that traces all the way back to the 1930s. During the 1930s, the organizer behind Hallmark Cards - Joyce Hall began the idea of kinship day on which individuals met and welcomed their companions. Notwithstanding, with time individuals believed it to be a contrivance to sell cards and quit celebrating.

Happy friendship day
Friends forever 

In 1958, the day was again proposed by a global common association, World Friendship Crusade to cultivate quiet relations between different societies. Following quite a long while, on April 27, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly at last pronounced July 30 as the authority International Friendship Day to advance harmony, satisfaction, and solidarity.

Not withstanding, this exceptional day is commended on various dates in various nations. India and Malaysia observe Friendship Day on the principal Sunday of August though, in Oberlin, Ohio individuals praise the day on April 9 consistently. In India, the day holds an extraordinary importance. In the event that you admire Indian folklore, we celebrate extraordinary kinships among Krishna and Arjun, Krishna and Sudama, Krishna and Draupadi, Karna and Duryodhana, etc.

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